Les Thorne giving a demonstration on a club nightClub History

During the Autumn of 1991 Fred Ward, from Combe Martin, was giving a woodturning demonstration at PIS in Barnstaple. Among those at the demonstration were Jack Dean and Keith Mountcastle. Very soon Fred, Jack and Keith were discussing starting a woodturning club.

A meeting was arranged at Pilton School for the 25th November 1991 and the North Devon Woodturners were born. Keith Mountcastle became Chairman, Jack Dean, Treasurer and Fred Ward, Secretary.

There's no record of how many attended the meeting, but the subscription was set at £12 per year, even now, after 18 years it is still very reasosnable. A basic set of rules were adopted and a first club night arranged for January 16th 1992. Dave Regester demonstrated and even showed how to turn with an axe! The club moved to Marwood after problems of shavings and dust! This became our new home. From January 2014 we moved to Fremington Village Hall as this is an easier location for our members. Our meetings are on the 3rd Friday of the month. Our members enjoy demonstrations throughout the year from Professional Turners & Craftsmen.

The club has built up a collection of equipment including an Axminster lathe & accessories, Video Camera & Monitors. A collection of videos are available to hire, books and magazines are passed on. The club and members sell woodturning bits and pieces and there is a regular monthly project that you can participate in, with a critique to help both the new and experienced. Various trips are arranged to woodturning shows and exhibitions throughout the year. The popularity and success of the club can only reflect enjoyment of the members and the work of the officers and committee.

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North Devon Woodturners Club
Chair: Cyril Johns; Treasurer: Alan Coates; Secretary: Peter Steart; Events Organiser: David Cloke. Please to contact any club officer.
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